Lab 5

To welcome you back from Spring Break, today we will finish an implementation of a binary heap! You should create a directory called lab5 where you will save your work and gsubmit this directory when you are done with the lab.

Your job is to complete by filling in the percolateUp and percolateDown methods. When you are done, you should be able to run, which will pop up an interactive window displaying a heap. This assignment is courtesy of Ashwin Thangali (another teaching fellow who is nice enough to let us use his labs).

Don't worry about the rest of the code in these two classes, you just need to fill in the two methods in and everything should work. To get the window to launch you may need to run the main from the command line on the local computer (rather than running it from Dr. Java or running it on csa2).

In case you have no idea what a heap is, your TF will give you a brief introduction about what is going on :)