Lab 3

Today we will convert the integer LinkedList that we worked on last week to a generic LinkedList. You should create a directory called lab3 where you will save your work and gsubmit this directory when you are done with the lab.

We start with the integer LinkedList implementation given in Take a look at how this class is implemented: there is an inner Node class that contains an int and a reference to the previous and next Node (so this is a doubly linked list).

You need to change to make it generic, and call this new class myLinkedList. Hint: to make the class generic use the <> notation to introduce a placeholder for the generic type, and replace int with this placeholder where appropriate; the inner Node class will also need to become generic. When you finish, you should be able to run Note how we can use myLinkedList to create myLinkedList<Integer> and myLinkedList<Double> (without having to code two different classes).